EPISODE 4 feat. UCB’s Nate Dern & the Frankenkid

This week, I had a grand ol’ time coloring in a closet at the UCB Training Center with Artistic Director, documentary filmmaker, PhD student, and improviser Nate Dern. We talk comedy, the dress code at alien sweet sixteens, and (most importantly) PUGS, all while coloring in “The Frankenkid” from’s own Matt Czapiewski.

Also, you get to hear the lovely voice of Sam Kulok, my best friend and producer, as she gives her insight into musical comedy. 

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Can’t get enough of our guest? Visit his website to follow all his upcoming projects, keep an eye out for screenings of his documentary On The Cusp, Off the Cuff, and catch him performing at the UCB Theater.

Love that Frankenkid? Matt Czapiewski is an animator, cartoonist, and improviser who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He’s directed animations for great people such as Mike Birbiglia, Vulture, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and The American Clean Skies Foundation. He is also the artist for the weekly online comic, Eat That Toast.

Loved the music? Download “Bad Form/American Cream” from Wooden Wand from the Free Music Archive.

As always, feel free to send pictures of your coloring to!

This is great, get into it!