Welcome to the first episode of In Too Steep

Take a break, brew some tea, and join me and beloved UCB performer Abra Tabak as we giggle and gab about England, Grandma’s Ashes and her hilarious new podcast, Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak, all while coloring in Eliza Kingsbury’s epic “Monsterbus” (above). 

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Who wants to listen to people coloring? Double-click the picture above, print it out, and color along! Proud of your coloring genius? Send your finished picture to :)

Can’t get enough? Follow Abra on Twitter (@abratabak) and make sure to explore more of Eliza Kingsbury’s gorgeous artwork at Also, special thanks to the one and only Sarah Shaer for creating my logo all the way from Dubai! 

Take a break. You deserve it <3



Listening to two of my favorite people will never get old. Also, Abra is one of the biggest Anglophiles I know, and I LOVE THAT! Listening to her rattle off about England and British shows really cracks me up.