Grilled Cheese at Bouchon Bakery (Photos ©2012 Serious Eats) Classic Melt At Murray's Cheese Bar (Photos ©2012 Serious Eats) Cheddar And Mozzarella At Queens Kickshaw (Photos ©2012 Serious Eats)




Serious Eats Reviews 16 of the best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in NYC. If you’re looking for where to go for your next melted cheese delight, this is a pretty good cheat-sheet to work off of:

Cheese is delicious. Melted cheese is more delicious. Why, exactly? The gooey factor is nice, and the heat of a griddle or sandwich press brings out entirely new flavors and textures, the makings of some of our favorite sandwiches. In honor of the greatness that is melted cheese, we’ve looked back on some of our favorite New York Grilled Cheeses. Whether it’s a nutty French affair paired with a fancy jam, or simply white bread hugging American slices next to a bowl of tomato soup, grilled cheese is the best, and these are the best of the best.

Check out the slideshow and reviews at Serious Eats!

(Photos ©2012 Serious Eats)


Obsessed with grilled cheese? YES I AM! 

Guys…It’s no longer in my nature to eat a shit-ton of carbs anymore, HOWEVER, for grilled cheeses, I will always make the exception. There’s a grilled cheese cart that’s also pretty good!

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