Come Check out Cory & Topanga on Saturday Night!

Some of you may know by now but Mike Kelton and myself have been doing two-prov for awhile and we’re getting together to host a monthly show — with a different vibe to it. There will be stand-up, improv and storytelling — and very intimate improv groups with three players or less performing. We can’t believe our first lineup, it’s truly amazing, and I hope to see you there. Let’s get intimate! Oh, and we’re giving away $50 bucks, so there’s also that. 

Stand up - Morgan Miller 
Improv - We Are Little Boys 
Improv - P.C. 
Improv - Doppelganger (in what’s slated to be one of their final shows before Nicole Byer moves to LA!!)
Improv - Not Murderers
Storytelling - John Flynn (THIS GUY NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION, He’s THAT good at what he does)
Improv - Cory and Topanga  

I’d love if you checked out our first show, this Saturday (9/29) night at 11pm at the Triple Crown Basement. If this lineup wasn’t enough to get you out the door and to Midtown, we’ve already mentioned that we’re giving away a $50 bartab. So if you’re broke and want a good time, come on by!  

Also — If you’re interested in doing the show, drop me a line improvobservations at gmail dot com!