One character = $100. I am accepting orders for the next two weeks.

Send an email to hipsteranimals @gmail.com telling me what you would like drawn.

I will send you an invoice through WePay.com (or, if not in the US, through PayPal, but I really hate PayPal). Upon receiving your payment, I’ll add you to the queue. 

Allow two weeks for delivery (it may be quicker). I will send the files as a web-ready JPG and a PDF for printing

  • I can do a hipsterized portrait of your pet. I can turn your friend into any animal Makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.
  • Don’t resell the art or tell people you drew it. 
  • Unlike full-priced commissions, I will NOT make revisions. You order and I deliver. I will use any information you give me and do right by you, but have some flexibility with my artistic interpretation.
  • The portraits are for personal/gift use only. Put it on your blog, but don’t use it for the logo of your business. Don’t sell merch of it.
  • Your drawing is entirely created for you and will not appear on the main blog (unless you ask not to it will be in the custom gallery), but I may reuse elements of it in a future animal

*If you also want a time-lapse video of the drawing process +$50
*If you want the art as Adobe Illustrator vector files (outlined) +$20

You can give me as much or as little information as you want, for example:

  • Tell me the title and the animal, I make the rest up.
  • send me a picture of your cat and a photo of some asshole in the crowd at Coachella and I’ll merge the two into one
  • send me a picture of your girlfriend and tell me to draw her as a gorilla
  • send me dozens of links to items on ModCloth, creating an outfit for “some kind of bird,” I make the rest up.

This is cool and I want one. BUT WHAT??

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